I have been…quite lazy, haven’t i. That won’t change for a while. I’m not feeling anything to write as of now. Sorry, if anyone actually wanted something from me.

But who knows, I might write about Shigeru Mizuki’s death and a bit about his life, maybe write a bit about Zatch Bell now that I’m re-reading it again, maybe about how Mob Psycho 100 will get a lot of flak because it’s not OPM (even though I like MP100 a bit better), who knows, really. I know one day I will be fired up to write again, and I hope when that day comes, anyone that read my shitty ramblings about Taiwanese  cartoons, will be there. Thanks for giving a crap about me or my ramblings, they will come back I promise!



Sorry for not posting anything this past week, got kinda busy and sick so i couldn’t come up with anything to write about.

not like anyone actually cares about this ;_;

I should make a post sometime SOON.