Sumire 16-sai!!

i call that bullshit

yeah right sumire i believe u girl xoxo

To be honest, I wasn’t really planning to write this week but I got motivated even though i just said i didn’t have much motivation just a few days ago lmao. Anyway, I will try to bring more posts and i will start with a gem, Sumire 16-sai!! which kinda translates to SUMIREISTOTALLYAGIRLGUYS.

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I have been…quite lazy, haven’t i. That won’t change for a while. I’m not feeling anything to write as of now. Sorry, if anyone actually wanted something from me.

But who knows, I might write about Shigeru Mizuki’s death and a bit about his life, maybe write a bit about Zatch Bell now that I’m re-reading it again, maybe about how Mob Psycho 100 will get a lot of flak because it’s not OPM (even though I like MP100 a bit better), who knows, really. I know one day I will be fired up to write again, and I hope when that day comes, anyone that read my shitty ramblings about Taiwanese  cartoons, will be there. Thanks for giving a crap about me or my ramblings, they will come back I promise!

Let’s talk about popularity.

You won’t get a new season Emi, period. And i dislike that. ;_;

I was thinking to make a post about tits, and how they’re eating the industry in general i’m loving valkyrie drive tho, 10 kg worth of breasts but got busy irl so i couldn’t do it, sorry. It’s still in the works tho, so keep an eye on it. But because i was listening to this random podcast i usually listen and they decided to talk about popularity in video games, and i though “hey why can’t i do this for manga/anime” so yeah sure why not. I’m still pretty bad with those so sorry

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Sorry for not posting anything this past week, got kinda busy and sick so i couldn’t come up with anything to write about.

not like anyone actually cares about this ;_;

I should make a post sometime SOON.

Prison School, or the reason why you will get a piss fetish.

This manga is fucking lewd.

So, let’s talk about a manga that got really famous lately thanks to its adaptation. Kangoku Gakuen, or well, Prison School is a ecchi dumb manga, made by Hiramoto Akira, the guy has made a few manga before like Me and the Devil Blues which is about…black people and blues, don’t ask, read it. The manga tells the story about an Academy that used to be an all girls school, is now a co-ed school. Out of 200 girls, there are now 1 boy. Our main characters are 5 guys that started a new year there and might think that it’ll be fun but after going peeping girls in the baths, they get sent by the Underground Student Council to the Prison that’s in the…School. Do you get it? The series name has to do with the plot! Hhahahah-i’ll see myself later.

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This whole artbook was beautiful.

So yeah, let’s talk about one of my all time favorites manga. Yotsubato is a manga, made by Azuma Kiyohiko, the same mangaka that made Azumanga Daioh, that revolves around Yotsuba Koiwai, a little girl who is 5 years old, and her daily life shenanigangs. If i word it like this it sounds kinda boring, right? Well, for some Yotsubato is pretty boring. Yotsubato is one of the few slice of life with comedy that do well in a lot of things. A lot of manga try to do Slice of Life with Comedy (Ichigo Mashimaro for example) but no one excels as Yotsubato does.

Yotsuba herself is a weird kid. She’s from far the far left. Yes, from the far left. It’s probably Korea. Her personality is pretty carefree like most kids, she’s interested in a lot of things and it’s kinda…dumb for a 5-year-old girl. I mean, she doesn’t even know what a cicada is. She is always trying to do something new, like failing at making pancakes, fighting her angel dad, fighting pants man, being killed. Pretty normal things you know.

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Aah, coffee. It always tastes nice.

So hey. I’m carks. I’m a random dude that post shit on the internet. I just wanted to say hey. I should probably start posting sometime this week.

so hey

and the blog title is Manga Bakayarou, a friend gave it to me