Sumire 16-sai!!

i call that bullshit

yeah right sumire i believe u girl xoxo

To be honest, I wasn’t really planning to write this week but I got motivated even though i just said i didn’t have much motivation just a few days ago lmao. Anyway, I will try to bring more posts and i will start with a gem, Sumire 16-sai!! which kinda translates to SUMIREISTOTALLYAGIRLGUYS.


just normal things i guess

Well, Sumire is kinda different manga. It’s about a highschool girl and her life. That sounds boring, doesn’t it. Well, in reality, Sumire is a girl with an old creepy old man in her back with his hand on her! Okay now, it’s just a dumb “”””””weird”””””” creepy manga that’s pretty fun. It’s more about the characters around Sumire growing as better persons, since Sumire herself and the old man don’t get much character development but it’s probably fine. One of the best parts of Sumire is these kind of situations, where you think she’s pretty normal and then you see the old man and her creepy doll things in her mouth, she should wash out those lines…

Her school hijinks are fun and short, hell the manga itself is pretty short, it’s 5 volumes long, it’s not even that long, you could even read it in one seat. And you should. Sumire is one of the first “lolwhathefuck is this and why do i love it” you should give a read to. It’s a short little experience that, even with re-reads, it’s a blast. The short arcs keep the manga fun and interesting, the characters are all likeable and fun because we don’t always see Yankii main characters, and that’s bad, we need more of them.  And sometimes it actually gives you feel, because every character aside from Sumire + Old man, go through character development, and all because some random ass girl and an old creepy man helped them, would you look at that huh.



I can’t really talk more about Sumire, it’s really one of those “experiences” you have to go through alone, without any actual info because you’ll find it boring after hearing about it. Really, just go and give it a try, it’s a fun read.


i’m sure getting worse at writing about stuff i like huh



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