Let’s talk about popularity.

You won’t get a new season Emi, period. And i dislike that. ;_;

I was thinking to make a post about tits, and how they’re eating the industry in general i’m loving valkyrie drive tho, 10 kg worth of breasts but got busy irl so i couldn’t do it, sorry. It’s still in the works tho, so keep an eye on it. But because i was listening to this random podcast i usually listen and they decided to talk about popularity in video games, and i though “hey why can’t i do this for manga/anime” so yeah sure why not. I’m still pretty bad with those so sorry

Osomatsu-san is so good man go watch it, such a shame it’s kinda niche

Popularity is something weird, sometimes some things will get a lot of popularity, but sometimes it doesn’t. And popularity can save a series, for example in BluRay for anime. If an anime gets 10-15k sales in BD, it’s probably safe to say that it’ll either get a second season or well, it made a profit. But one important thing you HAVE to remember that popularity/sales =/= quality of the series. Love Live has sold over 100k in BDs only for 2 seasons of 12 episodes, why? Because Love Live is fucking huge. But does it mean that it’s good? No. Shingeki no Kyojin manga volumes sell almost as much as One Piece and the series is…mediocre at best isayama get someone to draw for you for gods sake. There are series that didn’t sell too well, like Nichijou, Mx0 (;_;), Daily Lives of Highschool Boy, etc. The examples are out there. So, yeah, popularity =/= quality but don’t think just because it sells it’s bad though, Shirobako used to sell out really fast and JoJo’s S1 sold over 20k, which is a lot for an old series.

Shueisha, to be exactly in the Weekly Shounen Jump, does this popularity thing. They debut a series and if it keeps being up in the popularity list, it keeps being published. If it goes below the first half, be afraid of it being axed. This is a good business model in general, it keeps the popular thing being popular and selling but it’s also pretty fucking bad because how about those slow series, why does it NEED to be axed? Why can’t just go to another magazine? It’s not like fucking Shueisha is afraid of making new magazines. The thing is, Bleach is always around the latest spots and it keeps being published. You know why? Because 200k per volume is enough to keep it alive. So…yeah. fuck Shueisha

And does Japan care about western people in general with sales…? Kinda. Back in the day, we got more episodes of The Big O thanks to Toonami in USA airing it, or so i have read. But nowadays, does Japan care about us at all…? Who knows. Those days we have Crunchyroll doing almost simulpub to a lot of anime and a few manga, FUNimation also does simulpub, well, 2 days after Japan. And hell, we KNOW that Kill la Kill was made, not explicitly but mainly for, western audiences. I think it has to do with the guys at Trigger being Westaboos. And we also got Little Witch Academia 2 thanks to Trigger making a kickstarter and it went well! So…the main question, does Japan care about western people in general? I don’t know. I don’t work with sales 😦 so i don’t know. But i think they do, they keep giving licenses (or well selling licenses) to western companies so they can stream/publish their stuff.

So, what do you think? I know you don’t care  but hey, at least you read at least one letter of this faggot


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