Prison School, or the reason why you will get a piss fetish.

This manga is fucking lewd.

So, let’s talk about a manga that got really famous lately thanks to its adaptation. Kangoku Gakuen, or well, Prison School is a ecchi dumb manga, made by Hiramoto Akira, the guy has made a few manga before like Me and the Devil Blues which is about…black people and blues, don’t ask, read it. The manga tells the story about an Academy that used to be an all girls school, is now a co-ed school. Out of 200 girls, there are now 1 boy. Our main characters are 5 guys that started a new year there and might think that it’ll be fun but after going peeping girls in the baths, they get sent by the Underground Student Council to the Prison that’s in the…School. Do you get it? The series name has to do with the plot! Hhahahah-i’ll see myself later.

Our 5 main character are Kiyoshi, a pretty normal and kinda bishounen at times guy who just wanted to have a normal student life. Gakuto is a guy obsessed with The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and always call people with -dono. It’s kinda rumored that he’s gay tho. Shingo is basically a Normie and the most normal of the guys, he’s kinda mediocre as a whole because we haven’t seen him do something WOW like every other character. Joe is a creepy guy, if he wasn’t on school, he would probably be a NEET, he dislikes people in general i think. He loves ants tho. And then we have Andre which face is indeed a bit tiny compared to his head, he’s very hard M. The interaction between every one is really good, Kiyoshi always get into really weird situations (yes, that’s Kiyoshi’s ass, don’t ask) and he always has this weird ass self-monologues.

Conclusion, i don’t want to talk more about Prison School. If i talk more, i will probably end up spoiling something to someone and Prison School is a weird adventure. It’s a ride that you have to go through and it’s for the best if you don’t know too much about it. If you are a girl, it’s probably you won’t like it too much. Why? Because Prison School’s target is primarily teens/young men adults, so if you don’t get into it, it’s pretty normal. If you get a piss fetish because of this manga, it’s not my fault, it’s hana’s fault.

I see Prison School as a story a 13yo me would have made, it’s pretty dumb and incoherent a lot of times, but it just works a lot of times. It’s a pretty dumb manga as i said, you need to give it a try if you want to know you may like it or not.

also if you dislike the boys being treated like shit, just wait, the girls will be in the same place too

Now, the biggest question…are you an ass man or a boobs man?

Asses or gtfo.


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